FF de Castro | Bio
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Félix bis copia 2

Photo: Galo Olivares

Born and raised in Barcelona, Felix Fernandez de Castro has spent half of his lifetime working in advertising.
First as a creative for more than a decade, writing his own stories.
Afterwards, putting into images stories written by others for an even longer period, which entitles him, at last, to define himself as a director.


On both sides of the camera, his work has been aknowledged in almost every advertising festival in the world, from Cannes to El Sol, including One Show, New York, Euro Best, Epica, and many others.
In addition to his work in advertising, in 2010 he directed the documentary

Maria and I, finalist in the Goya awards, and in the Official Section of festivals like San Sebastian, London BFI, Thessaloniki, Pu-San, and winner of the best Opera Prima in the REC and Alcine festivals.
In 2013 he directed the short film “Zebra”, also in the official selection of many national and international film festivals.


But what probably defines Felix Fernandez de Castro more accurately is his talent for telling stories. Standing in a bar or sitting on a desk, on a script or a film, he doesn´t really care, that´s what he´s been doing all his life.
He´s probably telling one right now, or waiting for you to tell him yours to get to work.